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In our office we can provide the following types of dental services:

Prophylactic treatment - professional teeth cleaning - hard plaque with ultrasound and teeth polishing with special powder based on AlO2 which removes the soft plaque and pigmentation. At the end the teeth are covered with protective layer coating on the basis of flour. Regardless of the daily oral hygiene it is recommended that this procedure is done twice a year.

Conservative therapy involves treatment of hard dental structures (enamel and dentin) caused by the caries and root canals - pulp (endodontics). It also includes the aesthetic and functional restoration of the same. The absence of pain, local anesthesia, is the basis of our dental treatments. Application of new knowledge and high-quality materials from aesthetic restorative dentistry guarantees the success and satisfaction of all our patients. In aesthetic restorative dentistry we use the "mock-up" process.

Children's dentistry requires a specific approach to the child - and that includes calmness, patience and understanding. Socialization - the coming together of child and dentist and the trust establishment is the main goal. Minimally invasive method of therapy and fast and painless procedure without anesthesia are used. Procedures are minimally invasive to the enamel and hard dental substance of the child is kept as much as possible.

Dental prosthetics - fixed and mobile, is a therapeutic procedure that replaces teeths and soft structures of the oral cavity. In fixed prosthetics, replacements are: metal-ceramic, ceramic non-metal (pressure ceramics, zircon CAD/CAM), vestibular shells, ceramic inlay-onlay. In mobile prosthetics we find cast (Wironit) dentures, complete acrylic dentures and combined works on telescopes or staves (Dolder).

Dental implantology is the most complex and most demanding dental branch that requires a multidisciplinary approach and teamwork. Knowledge of all implantology phases is the guarantee of quality and safe clinical usage in all treatments. The patient is required to do consultation, clinical examination and diagnostic tests (X-ray-panorama, densitometry).

Patient has to be acquainted with operation plan and with maintenance of proper oral hygiene and mandatory check-ups. It is extremely important for the patient to know how to define his own wishes and possibilities. Dental-implant treatment takes place in two phases. First, the surgical treatment in which oral implants are implanted in the bone structure, and the other in which implant-prosthetic replacement is made.

Oral surgery is the branch of dentistry that deals with a variety of surgical procedures in the mouth (oral) cavity. The most common oral surgery procedures are the classical and complicated tooth extraction, wisdom tooth extraction, rooth resection (removal of the top), tooth root extraction, gum surgery and various cosmetic reconstructions.


Patients are provided with services of equal standard and quality that is prescribed by EU standards (EN ISO 22794). For each prosthetic replacement, patient gets the ISO Certification of quality guarantee. With the implant a personal book about the type, indication and LOT number is issued. Dental equipment and materials are "up-to-date" products.