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In my office we work "seemingly" small things, but these small things create beauty, health and raise the quality of life, and that is no small thing for the patient.

Therefore, all the effort and knowledge embedded in my view of dentistry makes a lot of small things that are worthy of respect. At the end happy and satisfied patient with his brilliant smile is a big thing that is ultimately worthy of the effort and respect.

With these words I wish to emphasize the core values in the approach to my work. I want you to share this approach to dentistry with full confidence. I respect your every suggestion and please fell free to give me feedback about your healing experience in my office.

I will finish with a wise thought from Martin Luther King:
It is never too late to make the right thing.

References - attendance at conferences:

  1. Oral presentation at the first and second Croatian Implantology Congress in Poreč, 2005 and in Zagreb, 2007
  2. Oral presentation at the European Pedodontic Congress EPAD 2008 in Dubrovnik
  3. Oral presentation at the Congress of the Austrian Dentists 2003 in Salzburg
  4. Poster presentation at the European Prosthetic Congress in Cavtat