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Relaxed atmosphere, without pressure and haste is essential to fully and successfully perform the job.

The patient is ordered for appointment over the phone and comes to our office for consultational clinical examination. During the examination the patient has the opportunity to say his view of problems. After that we proceed to making of the necessary radiologic images, photographs of initial situation for the documentation and we make a short medical history. The patient can receive all images and documentation in electronic form to his e-mail address.

In the case of prosthetic work, sometimes is useful to provide us with a patient's picture of his younger days in which his teeth can be seen. After making the overall documentation we approach to making an agreement with the patient on the concept and plan of the dental treatment.

In the case of patients who are not from the Croatia and those whom is not convenient to come right away in person, the initial steps are slightly different. The patient declares over the phone on the desire for treatment and then in the first step patient sends mail or e-mail with his documentation containing the necessary pictures and documents (e.g. radiological images, intraoral pictures, patient's own photos where the teeth can be seen, short medical history, etc.). After submitting documentation, the approximate non-binding dental treatment offer is sent to the patient.

Directions and possible sources of patient accommodation can be found on this web site under "Accommodation". Everything else is the subject of an oral agreement.