About us | Equipment

1. Siemens dental unit designed for:

  • Examinations, diagnostic and consultation with the patient
  • Preventive and prophylactic procedures
  • Treatments adapted to children
  • Multi-purpose dental procedures (konzervativa, endodontics)

2. KaVo dental units designed for:

  • Dental prosthetics (fixed and mobile)
  • Oral-surgical treatment
  • Dental-implant procedures
  • Aesthetic dentistry (teeth whitening, mock-up procedures)

3. Digital radiovisiography (RVG-Trophy) is an integral part of our office.

4. Stomatovision (STV-Trophy) intraoral camera.

5. Remedent plasma lamp for teeth whitening in the office, so called "in office

6. Remedent plasma lamp for polymerization of VLC composite materials
    for aesthetic fillings.

7. KaVo device for minimally invasive therapy of teeth "Rondoflex 360"

8. KaVo device for removal of soft plaque from teeth "Prophyflex 3"

9. KaVo implantation instruments and physio dispenser for dental implantology

10. Dürr disinfection systems for the preparation of dental impressions