Welcome to a private dental office dr. Etienne Cikač

Welcome to a private dental office dr. Etienne Cikač webpage

Dental office dr. Etienne Cikač is located in the very center of baroque city Varaždin. The office works since 1994. in a pleasant, fully air-conditioned and distinctive ambience. Relaxed and calm atmosphere is one of the key characteristics of our office.

Dental services are provided on a professional level of high quality with an emphasis on individual approach to each patient. Dr. Etienne Cikač office provides all dental services in one place - the prophylactic, conservative, oral surgery and highly sophisticated prosthetic work.

Thanks to the professional and accessible approach and communication, not only in Croatian but also in foreign languages (German and English), over the years a trust in our work has been created among both domestic and foreign patients from Slovenia, Austria, Germany, Australia, U.S. and other foreign countries. Affordable, modern technology and latest knowledge in the field of dentistry, guarantees the quality of all provided services. Acquired certificates of our office are permanent values and professional obligation to each of our patients.

We welcome you to our office

M.Sc. Etienne Cikač, DMD.